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Student Immigration Tips

It is great to go abroad for studies. Most people want to send their children to America for different studies, exposure to culture, technology, and more. Applying for student visa can be time consuming if you don’t know the necessary procedures.

Below are a number of student visa options to consider:

  • F-1 Visa: this is for international students. It can include pre-graduate, graduate students, research, and others.
  • J-1 Visa: This is designed for exchange exchange visitors. It is authorized for those who intend to participate in an approved program for the purpose of teaching, instructing or lecturing, studying, observing, conducting research, consulting, demonstrating special skills, receiving training, or to receive graduate medical education or training.
  • M-1 Visa: Designed for vocational and technical studies. Their stay may not exceed one year unless they are granted an extension for medical reasons or changes status to F-1.


  • The demonstration of non immigrant intent
  • Proof of appropriate program acceptance and of financial qualifications
  • An application for appropriate visa if abroad, or change to appropriate status from within United States
  • Specific requirements differ for each student category

Insurance policies for F-1, J-1, and M-1 Visa Holders

It is advised that all visitors get health insurance for new and existing conditions, accidents, and death (funeral and repatriation benefits). Below are some of great insurance policies underwritten by CHUBB American Insurance Company.

Click here for more information about sponsorship requirements, important documents, and application forms.