India is the Top Source of Skilled Migrants to Australia in 2012

Australian immigration has announced that so far this year, India is the top source country for skilled permanent migrants coming to Australia, surpassing China and the UK.

“Most of the Indian migration is skilled, both independent and sponsored. Independent migrants clear the points test and come over and look for work. Sponsored migration is when an employer sponsors someone. We encourage that. It’s better for them, it’s better for us,” said Australian immigration minister Chris Bowen.

So far this year, India has become the largest immigrant source Country. This is quite a significant change. Bowen noted that for the past several years India has been the third largest immigrant source Country for permanent migrants in Australia.

India is also the second largest immigrant source Country for 457 visas, the Australian temporary work visa that allows employers to sponsor overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions. The 457 work visa is currently the most common pathway of business sponsorship for overseas workers.

Australia recently made several changes in their student visa programme. Under these changes, Bowen said it has become easier for genuine students to be able to go to Australia to study. Most of the background checks for students are handled by the universities now, he added.

“Education presents one of the most valuable opportunities for both countries to lay the foundation for an enduring partnership. It presents enormous opportunities to deepen collaboration between institutions across the education and training sectors, business and industry, and our governments,” he added.

Before you are heading to Australia, do not forget to get accident and international health insurance coverage until at least your employer provides one.

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