Visitors to the United States – Are you a victim of Multiple Screenings?

It appears that visitors from India are repeatedly selected for secondary screenings on various occasions. If you are that unlucky person, file an inqury with the department of Homeland Security which may want to review your case and remove any additional notations associated with your name.

If you or anyone you know have been selected for secondary screening on multiple occasions you can use the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP) to resolve issues such as misidentification.  DHS TRIP is a single point of contact for individuals who have inquiries or seek resolution regarding difficulties they experienced during their travel screening at transportation hubs.

People who have experienced difficulties upon entry into or exit from the U.S. at a port of entry or border crossing can file an inquiry to seek redress.  DHS TRIP routes your redress request to the appropriate office for review and adjudication.  You may access TRIP at:

Source: US Embassy in India, April 13, 2012

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