What International Students Should Know About Health Insurance

Going to college abroad is always fun and enjoyable. Students get new experience and exposure to different environments, culture, technology, and more. It is important to get reliable health insurance before school starts so that students can have coverage and proof of insurance when enrolling for classes.

Is health insurance mandatory for international students?

It is very important for international students and exchange students to have accident and sickness insurance. Students get a hold during the enrollment process and might not be able to register for classes until they provide a proof of health insurance. Most students end up using the insurance company that the schools provide without considering other options due to time limit. There is nothing wrong about using insurance plan suggested by the university, but there are other options that are cost effective and offer better benefits. For example, most University plans do not offer the following benefits as a part of their health insurance program:

a) accidental death and dismemberment benefit

b) repatriation benefit; and finally medical evacuation benefits.. which are crucial for international students.

Parents and students need to research on different insurance companies before the enrollment process that way they can get what works best for the student.

Why get health insurance?

Many students don’t see the importance of health insurance except for the few people who actually had to use it. Even though students don’t get sick as much compare to older people, it is still crucial to have health insurance. Students often catch a cold from a friend, get into an accident, or injure themselves playing a sport. Health insurance is the most important thing to have for piece of mind, and be able to get help when needed the most. At least with health insurance, students get proper health care and get the help they need to stay healthy and focus on their studies.

Most health insurance plans do not have accidental death, dismemberment, and repatriation benefits. India Network Health Insurance has great repatriation coverage for international students and exchange students. Our accidental death and dismemberment plan will provide repatriation coverage when it comes to death of a students. Even though the plan is tailored for accident related tragedies, this plan will cover for repatriation and/or funeral expenses regardless of the cause of death. ADD plan is as cheap as $18 per year with a coverage of $25000. Other options includes premium of $36 for $50000 benefits and $72 for $100000 maximum benefits.

Transporting a body from America can be very expensive and stressful for most people. It’s always a relief when parents and relative get the help they need to transport the body of a loved one to the home country for a proper burial.

Apart from International students, this plan is great for all foreigners visiting, studying, and living in the U.S. This plan provide piece of mind for families abroad in case of any unfortunate events including accidental dismemberment, coma, death, and many other. Visit our Health Insurance website for more information about this plan and other options.

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