Which documents should I bring to show my intention to return to the home country?

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You might have all the documents you need to be considered for a U.S. Visa, but that does not guarantee getting a visa. Here are few things you need to know before going to an interview:

Age matters: For most cases, younger people are more likely to immigrate to the U.S. It is important to understand that younger people are able to adopt and do not have reliable jobs, and no businesses that they’ll lose if they decide to abandon their home country. It is harder to prove their intent on non immigration than older people. Younger people need to work harder to get visa.

People with nothing to lose might not get visa as easily. A person is more likely to immigrate if s(he) has no family ties, business, or good job to return to in the home country.

Babies and pregnant women is another group that might need extra documentation for visa approval. There are a lot of people who come to the U.S. with their children and decide to leave them in America instead of taking them back to their home countries.

On top of looking at the provided documents, Consular officers look at different variables when making their decisions on giving visas to people who intend to visit America for short time. Consular officers have to make sure that people don’t abuse the system or decide to abandon their home country once they reach the U.S. Before going to the interview, you need to have proper documentation, be able to answer all the interview questions properly, and be honest about your intentions.

After the Interview:

Regardless of the results, there are a lot of things to think about after an interview.

Planning for a trip to America is always fun for people who get visa. Another important thing for visitors is to get visitor health insurance so that they can be covered during the trip and when they are abroad.

For those who didn’t get visa, it’s not the end of the world. Find out what went wrong during your interview, work on your mistakes, get relevant documentations, and prepare for another interview.

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