What you should know when applying for U.S. Visa

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Getting a U.S. visa could be a challenge if you don’t know which documents needs to be filled out, and what you need to prepare before the interview. Each embassy have its own requirements for U.S. visitors.

Three things you should know before the interview

Proof of intention: You will have to provide a proof that you only intend to visit the U.S  for a short time, and planning to return to your home country. Property ownership, family, work, and businesses in your home country will help the immigration officers determine your intentions. It is advised to show lack of immigrating intent when applying for F-1, B-1/B-2, and J-1 visa.

214(b) Refusals: This is based on the documents provided to the immigration officer. Your documents should show your home country ties, your immigration intent, and your financial position showing that you will be able support yourself during your stay in the U.S.

Doctrine of Dual Intent:  Also called dual intent. This means that a person may enter the United States with intent to go home and decide to immigrate permanently later on. Provide documentation to show your immigration intent so that it will be easy for the immigration officer to make his/her decision.

Why do you need visitor health insurance before the trip for visa holders?

It is advised to get reliable visitor health insurance before traveling to the U.S in case of sickness, accidents, and death while you are abroad. India Network Health Insurance have reliable plans that will help you during your stay in the U.S. Please see below plans:

  • CHUBB Accidental death and dismemberment insurance: This plan will cover for different accidental injuries, sickness, coma, and more. Repatriation is the best feature of this plan since it will cover for repatriation and /or funeral expenses regardless of the cause of death.
  • CHUBB insurance plans. There are different options for this plan based on age, health conditions, budget and other factors. Visit our website for more information about these plans.

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