USCIS lets you to file your Form N-400 (NATURALIZATION FORM) online

If you meet certain requirements, you may become a U.S. citizen either at birth or after birth. And now you can apply for US citizenship online. Please go to the official United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website to learn more. Also remember to buy Health Insurance before coming to the US. Please read more about Visitor Health Insurance Plans and Health Insurance Plans for US citizens and residents.

Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

For more information, see USCIS Policy Manual Citizenship and Naturalization Guidance.

How to Apply for Naturalization

To apply for naturalization, file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

For more information, see our How Do I Apply for Citizenship? (PDF, 2.21 MB) guide. We also provide educational materials to help you prepare for the English, U.S. history and civics portions of the naturalization test, including:

For more test information visit our Naturalization Test page. Please read the full article here.

Filing your Form N-400 online

If you are applying based on your military service, are applying from outside of the U.S., or are applying for a fee waiver or reduced fee, you cannot file your Form N-400 online. Please see section 2 or 3 below for how to file your form by mail.
Otherwise, you must create an online account in order to file your Form N-400 online. Having an online account will also allow you to:
* Check the status of your case;
* Receive notifications and case updates;
* View personalized case completion date estimates;
* Respond to requests for evidence; and
* Manage your contact information, including updating your address.
Note for Attorneys and Accredited Representatives: If you are an attorney or accredited representative, you can also create an online account, which will allow you to manage all of your clients’ applications in one place.
Lear more here.

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